Driving  Directions To Your  Horseback Tour

Your ride will depart from McMillan Woods on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

It will take approximately ten minutes travel time from the Gettysburg roundabout to McMillan Woods.

  1. From the downtown Gettysburg roundabout (circle), go south on Baltimore Street, one block to WEST Middle Street.  TURN RIGHT.
  2. Continue to the 4th  traffic light which is Confederate Avenue. TURN LEFT.
  3. Travel on Confederate Avenue for  7/10 of a mile to a small brown park service sign on your right which reads, “McMillan Woods/ Youth Campground”. At this brown sign TURN RIGHT onto the gravel lane which winds through the woods to the campground. Our silver horse trailer and gray truck will be parked at the little campground area where we will greet you and you will start your ride! Let the fun begin!

CAUTION !!: If you miss the turn at the brown McMillan Woods sign, it is a half hour one way loop to get you back to this same spot! Watch carefully so you can start your ride on time.