Cornerstone Farm does not overwork or exploit our horses!!!! We limit our rides to a maximum of three per day to assure our horse family is healthy and happy. All of our horses have a minimum of two days or more of weekly barn and pasture rest at our farm

ALL rides, whether Wrangler hosted or with a Licensed Battlefield Guide host,travel the exact same trail across the Gettysburg Battlefield.

You will not be coming to our farm to start your ride. You will meet us at McMillan Woods on the Gettysburg Battlefield horse trail. Your ride departs from McMillan Woods.

Maximum rider weight limit is 240 lbs.

Minimum rider age is 8 years old.

For your safety we NEVER allow two riders on one horse! We consider it unsafe to allow a child to ride with someone holding him/her.

We DO ride in misty weather or if the forecast is for “an occasional shower”.
We do not ride in steady rain or in lightning. You Never pay for a ride that the wrangler has cancelled due to weather conditions.

The Wrangler decides if weather conditions are appropriate for riding.

Minimum cancellation for rides is 72 hours in advance or full charges apply.

You NEVER pay for a ride that the wrangler has cancelled due to weather conditions.